Leadership Optimized: Building a 4Core leadership training programĀ 

4Core Leadership

Throughout the years, organizational leadership training has typically focused on teaching the attributes of a good leader. The 4Core Leadership Training model goes the next step. It has been developed by Shawn Neal and the team at Saxus over a 6 year period with one goal: to actively and effectively bring participants into a deep, mindful understanding of leadership through an immersive learning environment, propelling them from good to exceptional. 4Core is made up of 4 components that develop good leaders into exceptional ones. While in this training experience, participant's will navigate through discussions that will challenge them to understand, experience, and practice integral leadership concepts such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), happiness, self-perception, core values and beliefs.

Attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of the Saxus 4Core

  • Leadership Training method;

  • Gain a base-level understanding of emotional intelligence and positive psychology;

  • Learn how to create and implement a 4Core program in any organization