Our mission is simple, and we will stand behind it at all costs:

 "We believe in building stronger, more connected individuals, communities, organizations and businesses through trust, communication, education and real-world engagement."

For 10 years, Saxus has been leading clients through challenges and positive change. In 2008, Shawn Neal began his consultancy business, then known as Anderson Creative Solutions.  He knew that, especially during tumultuous times, an organizations ability to effectively and positively lead would ultimately determine that organizations success or failure. As his business grew, he began independently educating himself through online courses and education in the fields of leadership, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence.

At that time, ACS was devoted to consulting in public and internal relations for clients that wanted to build an overall brand initiative for awareness and stakeholder buy-in. In 2012, in order to meet a growing demand, the company began to phase out most services to focus specifically on consulting and training in the areas of leadership and emotional intelligence.

While there are many reasons why we do what we do, the most important is our desire to play a role in creating a happier, healthier society where individuals are valued and respected.  We recognize that emotional intelligence and the ability to see one's own self-value goes far beyond the workplace.  It resonates throughout a person's life, and it's effects can be seen in personal relationships just as easily as in their career.

In order to affect change at a deep level, we are actively pursuing economic development growth by partnering with municipalities across the United States to ensure that businesses have an engaged and value-driven workforce.



What is in a name?

Well, in the case of Saxus, there is a lot in the name.

We were inspired by a story we heard on a PRX/NPR show called "With Good Reason."  The story is one of hope and community spirit which fit the mantra of Saxus.

You see, there's a tiny fishing village in the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia called Saxis that's rapidly losing its beaches to erosion.  Russell Burke from Christopher Newport University has been working with members of this community to build "living reefs" as a buffer against the encroaching waters.

The results are real, and it could have never happened without a shared vision for the future.  Hats' off to Saxis, Virginia for persevering through the storm and working together to find solutions.  The story of Saxis, Virginia inspired our company.  

What is your inspiration?