Welcome to Saxus

Bringing the skills of positivity, happiness, and fulfillment to everyone.

Imagine what it would be like to have a workplace where every person felt valued, engaged, and excited to come to work every day. Where every person was empowered with the skills to find happiness and fulfillment every single day.

Located just outside of Indianapolis, Saxus specializes in providing solutions that drive our clients' business culture forward. Whether it's Organizational Emotional Intelligence Development, EQ Training, or a Keynote Speaker for your next event, Saxus is dedicated to bringing the skills of positivity, happiness, and fulfillment to the clients we have the pleasure of serving.


With options for both small businesses and corporate clients, our flagship program, OEQ Development (Organizational Emotional Intelligence) is a 2-year progressive process that transforms the way your executive team looks at organizational growth and the human factor. OEQ, Development ensures that your organization is approaching every decision through the lense of emotional intelligence in order to positively impact retention, job satisfaction, engagement, culture, and customer experience.


If your group, team, or organization is looking for the next phase of personal and professional growth, Saxus Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training is the answer. EQ reduces the tendency to procrastinate, leads to improved self-confidence, and enables people to focus on achieving long-term goals. It is also crucial in interpersonal relationships and customer experience.  Because real change takes time, our EQ Mastery training is followed by a 6 month Personal Growth and Success Plan to ensure maximum results.


The Saxus Speakers Bureau is growing!! At this time, Saxus founder Shawn P Neal is accepting speaking dates through January of 2021.  Shawn P. is a dynamic, inspiring, and motivating speaker.  His topics include happiness in work and personal life and he challenges his audience to get excited and grow! He has consulted in a myriad of industries, and his stories are sure to entertain! If you're looking to motivate, teach, or empower your group, click the "Learn More" button below!