Maximizing the power of emotional intelligence and positive mindfulness



You might consider Executive Coaching to further develop your ability to lead, correct a mistake or decision that created a problem, or when two or more executives aren't getting along.


You might consider Team Coaching if your team needs to work effectively and efficiently on a project, feels stuck, or is struggling because two or more members aren't getting along.


People thrive in a culture of inclusiveness where happiness and growth are paramount and profit is always a result of this culture. Let's grow your organizational culture together!


For any size team,, we provide immersive training in Leadership, Customer Experience, and Emotional Intelligence. Our training is customized to meet the individual needs of our client.

Welcome to Saxus

Positively impacting retention, employee engagement, relationships, and customer experience.

Located just outside of Indianapolis, Saxus specializes in providing emotional intelligence-based solutions that help you be proactive while driving your business' culture forward.  An organization's emotional intelligence metrics are red-flag indicators of future performance.

Our mission is to bring the skills of positivity, happiness, and fulfillment to everyone.

Personal Empowerment

Life Coaching gives you the edge to break old patterns and learn emotional-based skills that will launch you forward.  If you're ready to take control of your life, find your breakthrough, and then find your success, now is the time to start.  


“Shawn Neal is a dynamic speaker! He grabs his audience by the hand and leads them on a journey filled with personable stories, funny examples and life lessons. He’s a natural!”

Nancy Lafferty
Counselor, Early Career Academy

“I have worked with Saxus for several months now. They have been a valuable asset to our team building, leadership and customer service training efforts here. Shawn and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and work with you to achieve your goals.”

Mark Steward
Division Manager, Best Way Disposal

"The time you and your company spend with Shawn Neal of Saxus Leadership Development will be time well spent indeed!"

Doug Crusan
Retired NFL Player/Miami Dolphins (1968-1974) and Retired V.P. of Sales in the Industrial and Financial Arenas 

"With the public launch of the Mounds Lake project, we had a very large stakeholder group to whom to convey a great deal of information. Shawn Neal was instrumental by providing three public discussion events that allowed the community to gather to receive information and ask questions in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Shawn’s professionalism, coupled with his team’s technical experience, created great space to learn the details. They also streamed the meetings on the web which allowed our team members from across the country, as well as community members unable to attend, to listen in as the meetings progressed. Though history will write the outcome of our efforts, Shawn Neal provided the best possible public starting point."

Rob Sparks
Executive Director
Corporation for Economic Development
Anderson/Madison County Indiana