Our Vision: To bring the skills of positivity, happiness, and fulfillment to everyone.

Imagine what it would be like to have a workplace where every person felt valued, engaged, and excited to come to work every day. Where every person was empowered with emotional intelligence and the skills to find happiness and fulfillment every single day.  Located just outside of Indianapolis, Saxus specializes in providing Leadership and Emotional Intelligence solutions that drive our clients' business culture forward. Whether it's strategic consultingtraining, or even a speaking event, Saxus is dedicated to bringing out the very best in the clients we have the privilege of serving.


Our customized Organizational Emotional Intelligence approach ensures that your business is aligned with the needs of its people.  Since the business' people can be employees, customers, clients, leadership, and vendors, the outcomes of this applied process include increased engagement, retention, exceptional customer experience, and high-potential performance.


Saxus specializes in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership training. EQ reduces the tendency to procrastinate, leads to improved self-confidence, and enables people to focus on achieving long-term goals. It is also crucial in interpersonal relationships and customer experience.  We offer essentials and mastery classes in both emotional intelligence and leadership.

Seminars and Workshops

Saxus CEO Shawn P Neal is a dynamic, inspiring, and motivating speaker.  He has consulted in a myriad of industries, and his stories are sure to entertain! If you're looking to motivate, teach, or empower your group, he has several talks and workshops to select from, or you can have him create something more specific to your needs. Click below to learn more!

The time you and your company spend with Shawn Neal of Saxus Leadership Development will be time well spent indeed!  His unique and thought-provoking style and creative, innovative insight may well be just what your company is looking for at this time.  I have had the privilege to enjoy Shawn Neal’s endeavors for over 16 years.  Watching him grow into the powerful presenter that he is today has been my great pleasure.
Doug CrusanRetired NFL Player/Miami Dolphins (1968-1974) and Retired V.P. of Sales in the Industrial and Financial ArenasIndianapolis