At our core as human beings, our decisions and reactions in life are driven by our emotions.  Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships.  Saxus has been training individuals and groups in emotional intelligence since 2013 and have seen time and time again the positive results that come from having an emotionally intelligent workforce.  Learn how to have consistently better outcomes by effectively recognizing, understanding, labling, expressing & regulating your emotions. Emotional Intelligence is based in science and has been proven to be a contributing factor to success and happiness in the personal and professional lives of those who actively practice it.

Emotional Intelligence Essentials

  • 3 Hours

  • Core-Competency EQ Training

  • Interactive learning environment

  • Certificate of Completion for attendees

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Emotional Intelligence Mastery

  • 8 Intense Transformational Hours

  • Builds leadership and interpersonal relationship skills

  • Immersive and energetic learning environment

  • Certificate of Applied Skills awarded upon completion

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  • Minimum of 2 years experience as a HR Generalist or Training Coordinator.

  • Must complete the Saxus Emotional Intelligence Mastery Class

  • Must pass training test


Saxus Train the Trainer empowers your organization to teach the essentials of emotional intelligence to your workforce.  As the organization grows, it will build a culture of emotionally intelligence, happier employees.


  • Must attend 8 hour online or on-site Mastery Class

  • Requires on-site, in-person training and testing