Throughout the years, organizational leadership training has typically focused on teaching the attributes of a good leader. The 4Core Leadership Training model goes the next step. It has been developed by Shawn Neal and the team at Saxus over a 6 year period with one goal: to actively and effectively bring participants into a deep, mindful understanding of leadership through an immersive learning environment, propelling them from good to exceptional.

4Core is made up of 4 components that develop good leaders into exceptional ones. While in this training experience, participant's will navigate through discussions that will challenge them to understand, experience, and practice integral leadership concepts such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), happiness, self-perception, core values and beliefs.

4Core Diagram (2)

Core 1: Immersive

In order to truly learn how to do something, we must practice it.  Get in. Get our hands dirty. By creating an immersive and experiential learning environment, participants in 4Core Training become a part of the experience, challenging their own beliefs and making thoughtful decisions based on the remaining 3 core components.

Core 2: Emotional Intelligence

By bringing participants into an understanding of emotional intelligence, we can begin to look at real-life situations and how our emotions affect decisions.  Explored in an experiential learning environment, emotions can be thought through and behaviors can be modified to create more positive outcomes.

Core 3: Self Awareness

Effective leaders have a solid and positive self-perception.  They know what their value system is, they have a solid belief system, and therefore they lead with integrity.  Through guided discussion, participants in a 4Core Training program will explore their own value and belief systems and then practice new behaviors and making mindful decisions based on those discoveries.

Core 4: Positive Psychology

The field of Positive Psychology has a rich history, but became most notable in 1998 when Martin Seligman, at the time of his inauguration as the president of the American Psychological Association (APA), declared that psychologists need to study what makes happy people happy! The 4th and final core component of the 4Core Training model is to learn in the spirit and application of the principles of positive psychology and well-being.  

Emotional Intelligence In the Workplace

At our core as human beings, our decisions and reactions in life are driven by our emotions.  Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships.  Saxus has been training individuals and groups in emotional intelligence since 2013 and have seen time and time again the positive results that come from having an emotionally intelligent workforce.